I’m happy I hired Pro Painting & Remodeling!


As the owner of a beauty salon, The Salon of East Cobb, I’ve always known the need to keep the facility clean, neat and up to date. However, after doing little more than painting and changing wall hangings every 2 years or so, I felt the need for a major change.

I’m happy I hired Pro Painting & Remodeling to make that change. Besides painting, they provided design help; took out 2 walls and extended another; built a completely new color bar; and basically created a whole new environment for the salon. Our clients love the new look and we are happy to provide referrals.

Creating Your New Home Office


As many of us resort to working at home, we are slowly but surely becoming accustomed to our new workspaces. That does not mean that we have to become content with it. Right now, many of you might be using your dining room, den, a spare bedroom or other unused room as your new home … Continued