Kitchen Trends 2020


Kitchens continue to evolve and have come to the forefront of the remodeling industry. Hood vents, open shelves, beautiful color, and sleek modern designs are all popular choices in any kitchen design. These are some trends we have found to become more popular in recent years.

Modern and Sleek

As design trends stray further and further towards the modern side the term “less is more” comes to mind. Open shelving, simple color patterns, and clean lines all work in tandem to create that coveted modern look.


Two contrasting colors can turn something standard into something powerful. Gone are the days of colored cabinets, wallpaper, and mix and match dinnerware. White cabinets, polished wood, and gray countertops are enough to evoke the feel of something simple yet beautiful.







Custom Touch

With each new kitchen, there tends to be something specific that sets each one apart. One of the biggest trends to have risen to prevalence are custom islands. More and more clients are not only adding islands to their kitchens but working with our design team to create one that serves their tastes.






Smart Everything

Smart means tech and tech means modern. Smart also means sustainable. More and more people are moving towards smart designs that help save energy. From large windows and reflective surfaces, to reduce energy consumption, to smart appliances that save on water and electricity. People want kitchens that are sleek, beautiful, and efficient.


Pro Tip #1: Cleaning Your Deck


Right now, as we have all acknowledged, it is a difficult time for everyone. To add insult to injury, the weather continues to get better and many of us are forced to stay inside. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do to change it. We can only make the best of the situation. So … Continued