2017 Top Ten Curb Appeal Remodeling Trends


In our last blog post we looked at reasons why you should hire a professional contractor to complete your renovation needs. Now, let’s look at how to choose the right professional. These tips will help you know what to look for when you are choosing a contractor.

1. Recommendations

Look and ask for recommendations from peers that have completed a remodel in the past. Who did they use? Were they successful? Did they trust them, was the crew trustworthy in the home? Were they satisfied with the work completed? If there were any problems, how did the company address the situation? All of these questions will guide you closer to making a decision.

2. Look at their Work Samples

Any legitimate company will have work samples to show you the work they can complete for you. Look at their portfolio. Do you like their style? Do you see some of the work you are asking for?

3. Meet the Face to Face

Set up a meeting with your contractors of choice to meet. You should get a feeling of who you are comfortable working with. Ensure that these meetings are with at least one of the crew members that will actively be working in your home. You want to ensure that you know who is coming in the home. Were they professional and courteous?

4. Contract

You should always be presented a contract when dealing with a professional company. While most people expect this, some companies do not have these. Be sure to read through every line of your contract and ensure you are paying for what you want. Pay attention to deposit amounts, deadlines, and completion dates. Contracts are there to help both you and the contractor protect the projects’ integrity.

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