Renato Alvarez


Renato started Pro Painting & Remodeling with his experience painting alongside his step-father and brother. He never really enjoyed painting but found it easy to do. He thought to himself, how can he make something with his painting talents without actually painting? With PP & R Renato can now do that. He enjoys creating projects and driving sales for the company. With 20 years of experience in the industry, Renato gives PP & R the professionalism and service deserved to its customers. Renato enjoys spending time with his wife, two sons, and daughter. Renato ultimately loves to watch the company grow. He loves to work with people and create their dream homes. When asked about goals he has for the company, Renato responded with, “I want to create a household name; someone people can trust. In reality, we are already living that dream, we just want to continue doing that.”

How to Choose a Professional Contractor


While do-it-yourselfers are popular for many projects, a complete remodel of any room in your home may be daunting and above your capabilities. These projects are best left to the professionals. You can ensure that your project is completed with excellent quality, the proper materials, and expertise. 1. Saves Time One of the obvious reasons … Continued

Our website, relaunched.


“There goes that painter in the lime green truck!” People used to say as they recognized us coming down the street. Our patrons remember us well as we left our creative footprint in their homes after completing a project. While we still have our lime green trucks, we decided to remix our look matching it to our growing company and growing customer base. Pro Painting and Remodeling, LLC continues to offer excellence in customer service, painting, and remodeling.