Quality, Honesty, Excellence

Pro Painting & Remodeling, LLC started up in 2010 as the brainchild of Renato Alvarez. Renato had a vision and matched it with his determination to succeed. New Year’s Eve 2009, Renato sat with family and decided he had nothing else to lose, so he opened his own company. In true entrepreneur spirit, he started PP & R January 1, 2010, began doing estimates on projects in February and completed their first project in March of 2010. With that spirit, after his first year Pro Painting & Remodeling became a leader in the painting industry that would begin their legacy. Pro Painting & Remodeling now offers full home remodeling and produces an expanding team of designers and contractors.

Design Team

Renato Alvarez CEO

Renato started Pro Painting & Remodeling with his experience painting alongside his step-father and brother. He never really enjoyed painting but found it easy to do. He thought to himself, how can he make something with his painting talents without actually painting? With PP & R Renato can now do that. He enjoys creating projects and driving sales for the company. With 20 years of experience in the industry, Renato gives PP & R the professionalism and service deserved to its customers. Renato enjoys spending time with his wife, two sons, and daughter. Renato ultimately loves to watch the company grow. He loves to work with people and create their dream homes. When asked about goals he has for the company, Renato responded with, “I want to create a household name; someone people can trust. In reality, we are already living that dream, we just want to continue doing that.”

Milkos Ztemil VP of Operations

Milkos has been with Pro Painting & Remodeling since the beginning. The team describes him as the ultimate problem solver. When it comes to rearranging elements in the remodel that do not work for whatever reason, the team turns to Milkos. As Renato’s brother, Milkos has been in the industry for over 20 years and partnered with Renato in prior endeavors. He’s been with the company since the beginning. Milkos enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons.

Barry Blakely Marketing Manager

Berry grew up in construction with his dad as a contractor and came to Pro Painting & Remodeling on the 4th day of business. When he was younger he could not wait to move away and start something new. After he retired from the car and RV industry, it seems he would come full circle and return to construction once again. His favorite thing about working with PP & R is dealing with the different people. He keeps his mind open and learns from the clients with every job complete. Berry says that he is very proud of how Renato and Milkos have built the company. “Everyone wants to be bigger and more profitable. They built the company the right way. The customers get what they pay for and more and we continue to see satisfied and repeat customers.”

Bob Balian Project Manager

Bob comes with 25 years from the institutional architect industry. Bob has been with Pro Painting & Remodeling since 2014. His favorite part of the job is doing makeover jobs. He loves to see the reactions of the clients when looking at their before and after’s. “The customer interaction is so beneficial.” These always solidify the job well done and warrant repeat customers. He wants to continue adding customer referrals to PP & R’s database.

Christian Alvarez-Blakely Assistant Marketing Manager

Christian comes to the Pro Painting & Remodeling team with a fresh look on social media. Christian is a 2016 Pope High School graduate currently attending Chattahoochee Technical College studying the arts in Film and Television Production. He brings personal and professional experience in social networking. Christian loves the atmosphere at PP & R’s office between the assignments and the team. He loves the ability to work and learn in his new position. He looks forward to helping Pro Painting & Remodeling grow with marketing. Personally, Christian loves everything film related.

Cliff Nealey Project Manager

Cliff is a cornerstone of the ProPainting and Remodeling team. With years of experience in design he brings a certain quality to the table that is unmatched. He attended school for Carpentry and Construction Management and soon after that worked as a journeyman carpenter before switching over to sales with 84 Lumber. After two years there he finally made the switch to Remodeling Sales and Design. He has since specialized in Space Optimization and Functional Organization Design. His main goal is to help his clients achieve that desired designer look at a desirable price point