Best Curb Appeal Update to do This Month


August is an excellent month to do some curb appeal updates. Number one reason why: weather changes are less drastic from day to night in most states. We are catching the tail end of summer so the heat is still there, but not drastic where work can’t be done during the day. One of the best curb appeal updates to do in the month of August is to paint the exterior of your home.

With paint needing a certain amount of time to dry, it’s best to do it in the same weather conditions as when you started. In Georgia, there is less humidity, less rain, and minimal pollen to affect your exterior while the painting is going on. Keep in mind that there are steps to painting the exterior of your home. Pressure washing, repairing, priming, and letting dry are some of the actions to consider. Getting all this done in a month with mild weather will give your paint job the best result. Updating the color of your home will add fresh new curb appeal.

How to Stay Sane During a Global Pandemic


Right now, our world is facing an unprecedented time. Many countries are facing devastating effects from the newly spreading COVID-19. As schools, businesses, and even entire cities shut down, many of us are faced with uncertainty. What will happen? When will this be over? Will I be ok? Unfortunately, these are questions we have all … Continued